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Text+ User Stories Data

Creator   José Calvo Tello
Creator   Lukas Weimer
Creator   Nanette Rißler-Pipka
Creator   Raisa Barthauer
Creator   Sonja Friedrichs
Creator   Stefan Buddenbohm
Creation Date   2021-09-01T14:42:36.968
Identifier   hdl:21.11113/0000-000E-67ED-4
Identifier   doi:10.20375/0000-000E-67ED-4
Rights   Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
Extent   436 bytes
Format   text/vnd.dariah.dhrep.collection+turtle


The dataset contains annotations and metadata about the user stories received for the application of the Text+ consortium in 2020. The data was used for analysis of the report "Community Involvement in Research Infrastructures: The User Story Call for Text+" published at the NFDI community in Zenodo.

Citation Suggestion

José Calvo Tello, Lukas Weimer, Nanette Rißler-Pipka, Raisa Barthauer, Sonja Friedrichs, Stefan Buddenbohm (2021). Text+ User Stories Data. DARIAH-DE.  


  1. keywords_public.tsv (application/octet-stream)
  2. user_stories_data_public.tsv (application/octet-stream)


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