Resolving and Persistent Identifiers

Each object published in the DARIAH-DE Repository has got two persistant identifiers, which are created during import process: a DataCite DOI for citation, and an EPIC Handle PID for administrative use.

DataCite DOI and EPIC Handle prefixes are institution specific, and the suffixes for DARIAH-DE Repository DOIs and Handles are just same, such as:

  • 10.20375/0000-000B-C8EF-7 (DataCite DOI)
  • 21.11113/0000-000B-C8EF-7 (EPIC Handle)

Both DataCite DOIs and EPIC Handles can be resolved by any DOI or Handle resolver. With each EPIC Handle some administrative metadata is stored, that is providing access to all the object’s data and metadata stored in the repository, and an URL that points directly to the object in the DARIAH-DE PublicStorage.

Each object is stored as a Bagit bag in the DARIAH-DE PublicStorage, where it can be accessed publicly. A BagIt profile for the DARIAH-DE Repository Bags is provided in Version 0.2.

Access to the repository’s objects is provided using HTTP content negotiation with the basic DOI or Handle. You can get:

  1. The complete bag (as ZIP) setting HTTP’s Accept-Header to application/zip.
  2. The HTML landing page if requesting text/html.
  3. The data object itself otherwise.

You can access the repository’s content using the DOI, the Handle, and directly via the DH-crud URL.

If the object’s data is a ZIP or HTML file, please use the access methods provided below.

Access via EPIC Handle (Templates)

Technical Metadata

Technical metadata is provided in FITS XML (File Information Toolset) only, see FITS XML schema:

Provenance Metadata

The use of provenance metadata is not yet implemented.

Landing Page

The landing page provides basic information about the object, and leads to easy data download and basic metadata.