DARIAH-DE Repository IIIF Implementation

The DARIAH-DE Repository is able to deliver images and metadata according to the IIIF specifications. Namely this are the IIIF Image API and the IIIF Presentation API. This allows the usage of DARIAH-DE Collections stored in the DARIAH-DE Repository with IIIF based tools like the Mirador Viewer. For more information on IIIF have a look at http://iiif.io/.

Enable IIIF for your Data




A listing of such objects is available here: https://repository.de.dariah.eu/1.0/iiif/manifests/

Mirador Viewer

DARIAH-DE hosts an own version of the Mirador Viewer, that enables a few parameters to integrate published manifests or single items in the viewer. It is available via https://textgridlab.or/1.0/iiif/mirador/ and can parse the following parameter:

  • uri
    • loads manifests to corresponding DARIAH-DE Handle/DOI
    • comma separated complete DARIAH-DE Handle/DOI
    • when only on URI is present, the first canvasID will be loaded in ScrollView
    • example: ++TODO++
  • canvas
    • loads items into the viewer

    • format:
      • manifestURI_itemURI
      • comma separated
    • since the manifest URI is given here, the URI parameter is not needed more than one item requires layout parameter

    • example: ++TODO++

  • layout
    • format: NxN
    • examples: ++TODO++
  • dhrep
  • sandbox

The source code is available at mirador_sources.

For published IIIF enabled data within the DARIAH-DE Repository object’s index pages a link to Mirador is offered in the footer.

Technical Documentation

The IIIF implementation for TextGrid has two components, the TextGrid version of the digilib image server and a service to deliver the IIIF metadata.

Source Code

The GIT repositories are located at digilib_sources and iiif-metadata_sources (sharedcanvas)


digilib and the sharedcanvas services both are built with maven. Building the .war files is done with

mvn package

The war files from the /target/ subdirectory could afterwards be deployed in an application server like tomcat.


The metadata service configuration is normally living in /etc/textgrid/screpview.properties . This service is using spring, so advanced configuration could also happen in the webapp/beans.xml file, in this place also the path to the properties files could be changed.


See iiif-metadata_bugtracking